Kawaii School Girls

Monday, November 15, 2004

Kawaii Uniforms

all the school girls were there own unique school girl outfit to separate them from the others. Here are the outfits:

Kawaii School Girl:
- this outfit shows that your sexy and shows that you are cute and adorable at the same time
Kawaii Punk Girls:
Kawaii Bitches:
Kawaii Innocents:
Kawaii Boys:

Kawaii Groups

All mods have been filled and now the members have been divided into there groups. Here are the groups and the members within the cliche:

Kawaii School Girls: leader: Miya
* Mei
Kawaii Punk Girls: leader: Jeka
* Jayn
Kawaii Bitches: leader: Saki
* Lonneke
Kawaii Innocents: leader: Brianna
* Caitlyn
Kawaii Boys: leader: Kelley
* Gene

Monday, November 08, 2004

Which Kawaii are you?

1.) It is Saturday night, and you had the perfect afternoon date planned with your honey, a picnic, but news clash crash! It starts raining and you have to cancel, how do you deal with this:
a. You are really bummed out
b. You move the picnic into his garge, its not as nice, but better then nothing
c. You are bummed out it happened but its nothing to dwell about. Maybe some other time
d. Whine about it because your perfect day was ruined.

2.) Your walking down the hallway in school and you turn a sharp corner, and bump smack dab into your crush, you both fall backwards and your books go everywhere, you look up and see who ran into you, you first reaction is:
a. scream out " watch where your going!"
b. giggle that you ran into him and help yourself up grabbing your books and apologizing
c. look at him and blush
d. look at him with a blank stare

3.) After you get your books collected, you apologizes for running into him, he is about to speak to you, what is he more and likely to say to you?
a. " There is no reason to blush."
b. " Gosh you dont have to be so rude!"
c. " I am so sorry."
d. nothing

4.) What kind of male are you attracted to?
a. The dreamy silent one in the corner
b. the pervert
c. the overly hot and dreamy one, that tends to be a jerk
d. the innocent one

5.) Your sitting in science class and over hear your crush talking to his friend about the girl he likes, what does he say that gives it away that it is you?
a. she plays so hard to get
b. she seems really shy
c. she is not like any other girl I have meet
d. she is super nice

6.) School is out and you are now going home, what is your method of getting home?
a. a nice sports car
b. not a piece of crap car, but not a new one
c. you bum rides off of people

7.) You get home and the phone rings, you run to pick it up and its your crush! You freak out, but here is the problem, your silbings are being butt holes and embarassing you, you want them to leave the room, but you dont want to seem like a total bitch, what do you scream at them to make them go away?
a. " Go the fuck away!"
b. " Could you please go into the other room if your going to act like that!"
c. " Mom! I am trying to talk on the phone here!"
d. " Go away!"

8.) Finally they go away, and you can talk to your crush alone, what is your main topic of conversation?
a. what you did at school today
b. you
c. perverted things
d. random things

9.) Finally he tells you why he really called, he called to ask you on a date, where did he ask you to go?
a. dinner and movie
b. go park a car somewhere
c. to the mall to hang out
d. his house to watch movies

10.) The date is over, what do you recieve at the end of the night?
a. a kiss on the cheek and a hug
b. a sweet good bye and " maybe we should go out again sometimes."
c. a long make out session
d. a lot more then the other chooses above

Leaders of anything Kawaii

Symptons of Kawaii School Girls
- you tend to be hyper
- your very cute
- you have the tendency to speak or type really really fast
- your a goof ball
- you have a lot of crushes and tend to drool over them
- they tend to be " your" crushes and no one else can have them
- you have a great personality
- when your in love you like to be like that, you show it really well
- you make the best friends

Symptoms of Kawaii Punk Girls
- you are very creative
- you are known to be random at times
- you like to stand out in the crowd
- you can fit into all categories of Kawaii
- you are more of an otaku then others
- you always try brand new and eccentric things
- you are more likely to get a crush on someone and obessess over them
- you are more likely to stalk your crushes
- you are more then likely to never hook up with any of your crushes
- you disturb your friends

Symptons of Kawaii Bitches
- your not always nice
- your very rarely to be nice
- you dont believe in make believe
- your offended by perverts
- you hit really hard for a girl
- people dont like to pick fights with you
- you seem really really tough
- your more emotional then most girls
- you cant stand the playa type boys
- when you get crushes you will fight for them
- you dont let other girls flirt with your men
- you get easily jealous

Symptons of the Kawaii Innocents
- your not as innocent as you look
- your always a lot older then you look
- 50/ 50 chance that half of the innocents are really innocent, the other half just play that way
- your sometimes consider to be kinky
- no one really knows you sexually
- guys are drawn to you due to some physical characteristic
- you dont take insults or the truth very well
- if you have a bad day you will more then likely mope or cry about it
- your always seeking advice
- you never listen to the advice
- sometimes people get annoyed with you
- you dont have the heart to be mean

Congrats! Two new Staff

We have two new staff members filled! Leader of the Kawaii Bitches is AngelFellHard or Saki. She will be probably the most harsh and meanie head when it comes to all the votes and well everything, because the title fits, she is a bitch. We have a promotional specialist whose job is to recruit new members. That does not get your out of promoting, you still have to do it, just not as much as you. Welcome the new staff members!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Duties of MODs

Once you become a Mod of a certain group and all the mod positions of filled, remaining members will be broken down into what group they classify as. You will then have those members in your group and they will be apart of your cliche. Cliche's dont battle with other cliche's, were all together, but we can have contest duels and so forth. Mods of certain groups can hold separate theme of the weeks or month or have its own teachers pet and its own contest, but other groups are allowed to take part in as well. This community is fun and allows us to be crazy have fun and diss out the greatest time of our lives!

Rules to Community and Basics


1.) You must fill out your application to the full extent before being considered to accepted, if you fail to complete such as you dont have a picture or so forth, it will be imcomplete, you can still be accepted but you will be judged 100% on personality.

2.) Your application must be in an LJ-cut

3.) No advertising other communities here, that will get you banned!!!!

4.) Respect all MODs.

5.) Once you get rejected you must wait 2 days before re-applying.

6.) This is a 50/50 community. 50% is based on looks the other on personality.

Kawaii School Girls is broken into four groups:
* Kawaii School Girls
* Kawaii Punk Girls
* Kawaii Bitches
* Kawaii Innocents
-- because school firls have four attitudes in life, there either adorable, girls who know how to have fun and are a little bit out there or artsy, all that and mean, or absolutely innocent.
Which group do you belong too?


* Leader of the Kawaii School Girls: Miya Soung
* Leader of the Kawaii Punk Girls: now hiring
* Leader of the Kawaii Bitches: now hiring
* Leader of the Kawaii Innocents: now hiring

How to apply for a MOD position:

1.) Post in the subject what position your applying for: example: Kawaii Punk Girls

2.) In an LJ-Cut, explain why you have what it takes to lead that group of people, and how you personality qualifies with that position.

3.) Submit and see what will happen. Everyone in the community will vote and respond on what they think about you running for that position.

4.) If you win, you will become a highly respected MOD, and then classifications of people will go under once all mod positions are filled.